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ultimate guide out of state investing safely mockup

Learn How To Invest Safely

Even In Today's Market Conditions!

This guide contains everything you need to avoid pitfalls and stay cash flow positive- regardless of market conditions.

Our proven process, which informed this guide, allowed us to deliver results to our investors through the last recession, the pandemic, and it's how we continue to deliver results for our investors every single day.

In The Guide

The House

Why the house is the LAST THING you look at before investing.

The City

How to choose a great investment city.

The Economic View

How to view a city from an "economic" view before deciding where to invest.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Pitfalls to avoid as an out-of-area investor.

Choosing Your Team

How to choose the right team to assist you in building and managing your passive income.

Essential Questions

Essential questions that should be part of your standard due diligence.


About REI Nation

REI Nation is one of the largest turnkey real estate investment companies in the U.S. with more than 7,700 properties under management, more than 3,400 property owners, and $2 billion in residential rental property assets under management.





ultimate guide out of state investing safely mockup




Turnkey success means investing in any city, from any location. REI Nation owner and partner, Chris Clothier, shares his years of experience in this free e-book. Download it now to learn the secrets to cash flow positive real estate buying today.

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