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All of Your Investment Properties

Under One Roof

REI Nation and Premier Property Management Group are excited to be launching a new initiative geared toward helping property investors tackle their property management headaches.

For years, you have asked us for our assistance in managing properties not purchased from REI Nation.  If you have properties in any of the 8 cities we are currently operating in, Premier Property Management/ PPMG of Texas is ready to help! The properties can be vacant or occupied.

We are currently in the following 8 markets, and ready to serve you:

Memphis, TN • St Louis, Missouri • Dallas, TX •  Houston, TX •
San Antonio, TX •  Oklahoma city, OK • Tulsa, OK •  Little Rock, AR

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Davartay Miller

Davartay Miller

Email: Davartay@reination.com
Office: 901-505-0931

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